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Society for Clinical Neuropsychology, Division 40 of the American Psychological Association, is a scientific and professional organization of psychologists interested in the study of brain-behavior relationships, and the clinical application of that knowledge to human problems. Division 40 promotes the use of scientific research to develop its knowledge base and clinical techniques. It is active in the development and promotion of quality standards of professional training and practice.

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Welcome to the home page of the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology, the Neuropsychology Division of the American Psychological Association. We are the largest division in the APA, and our mission is to advance the specialty of clinical neuropsychology as a science and profession and as a means of enhancing human welfare. Enjoy our new webpage and visit us often for relevant updates in clinical practice, scientific research, and professional education in the specialty of neuropsychology.

Society for Clinical Neuropsychology News:

  • The Society for Clinical Neuropsychology / APA Division 40 is delighted to recommend Dr. Anthony Puente for your consideration for President of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Puente is a Past President of our division and has worked tirelessly throughout his career to advocate for the field of psychology as well as the specialty of neuropsychology. Considering that the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology is the largest division within APA, and that our specialty has been a leader in our profession in so many other ways, now is the time to have a neuropsychologist become President of APA. Please consider voting for Dr. Puente for the presidential ballot, so that he can bring his advocacy efforts to an ever widening audience.

  • The Society for Clinical Neuropsychology's Program for APA 2014 is available here.

  • Society for Clinical Neuropsychology launched a blog called SCN NeuroBlog. The most recent blog is by members of ANST discussing the value of student involvement in neuropsychology governance.

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Last Updated: October 6, 2014