Society for Clinical Neuropsychology

In 2006, the Division 40 Executive Committee decided to reevaluate and update a definition of neuropsychology that had been adopted by the Division some years earlier. To that end, the EC published a survey seeking the views of Division 40 members on this topic and also appointed a group to review the responses, formulate a proposed course of action, and report back to the EC.  At its August 2007 meeting, the EC reviewed the work of that group, including a proposed revised definition of neuropsychology.  After conferring with APA staff, the EC decided to proceed with a broader approach to provide guidance both to the public and the profession regarding the specialty of neuropsychology, through promulgation of guidelines for neuropsychology.  These proposed guidelines for neuropsychology will be drafted in accordance with governing policy regarding both practice and education guidelines.  There will be an opportunity for members to comment before final approval by the Division 40 EC.  After the proposed guidelines have been approved by the EC, they will be reviewed by APA Boards and committees, other divisions and interested organizations and posted for public comment.  Once those comments have been evaluated and addressed, the guidelines will be presented to the APA Board of Directors and the Council of Representatives for adoption

Those interested in additional information about the specialty of neuropsychology may consult the following: Description of the specialty of clinical neuropsychology approved by APA Council of Representatives (1996, re-approved 2003)

Additional sources of information independent of APA include :

--Policy Statement, Houston Conference on Specialty Education and Training in Clinical Neuropsychology  (1998)

--NationalAcademy of Neuropsychology “Definition of a Neuropsychologist” (2001)